Brexit: Popularist Backlash

ClvBYpZWQAAc7lgEvidently subjecting a population to crushing austerity causes populist backlashes. We should know this as a historical fact by now. The political classes are not only negligent but wildly reckless. Boris was pro-EU until very recently. Brexit was a political move to grab power. Meanwhile, Scotland won’t let England force them out of Europe. If Brexit happens, the UK will break.

So now an era of even more dramatic instability (starting with an instant 10% fall in the value of the pound). Things could move in many directions now. We urgently need a green-left alliance against both neoliberalism (Cameron + New Labour) and Nationalism/Fascism (Farage). It needs to acknowledge that the political classes (with The Daily Mail and Murdoch) have created conditions for the rise of racist xenophobia. The political classes include the Blairite left, so intensely relaxed about massive inequalities that helped create the conditions for Brexit. They are busy trying to use the moment to oust democratically elected Jeremy Corbyn, with the typical contempt for democracy they have shown over the past two decades.

Let us not blame ordinary people for Brexit. The left would do better to do some deep questioning of how we allowed the far right to hijack the anti-austerity platform. We need to recognise the failure of our own movements to help people who voted Brexit. The resentment created by this far-right/racist backlash has already claimed one a life (Jo Cox, justice campaigner). We will need to organise fast to prevent more sexist, racist and structural violence that this wave of fear mongering encourages. Please actively help or consider how you can show solidarity with the people doing the work to counter these forces.

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