‘London Futures’ and a History of Social Change in London

London Futures by Robert Graves and Didier  Madoc-Jones.  London Futures

I visited the Museum of London today to visit London Futures, an exhibition about climate change by Robert Graves and Didier Madoc-Jones. The highly sanitized version of London landscapes altered by dramatic climate change were picturesque and entertaining but also had an unfortunate tendency to make apocalyptic futures look glamorous.

London Futures

I was really struck by the remarkable permanent collection which documents the history of struggles for social change in this city.    

Suffragettes The Suffragettes

This collection of artifacts from people’s movements is an important reminder of how much those before us have sacrificed for the rights we enjoy today. 

The Suffragettes

Other items from the permanent collection:


John Bartlett – Poll Tax Riot


Brixton Uprising

Ellingford Road, Hackney


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