Ecological Perception: Seeing Systems – 2nd Paper for the DRS 2014

beware-fo-the-invisibilityImage-makers have the unique ability to make hidden ecological processes visible by revealing relationships, patterns and dynamics in complex socio-ecological systems. This paper describes how communication design can support relational perceptual practices and even nurture ecological perception. It presents specific methods to harness the latent potential of graphic design to communicate the context, causality and complexity of ecological processes and systems. Visual metaphors function to establish meaning. Furthermore, aesthetics experiences can provoke deep perceptual insights supporting new ways of perceiving our relationship to the environment. In these ways, graphic design has the potential to nurture the ability to ‘see systems’ – supporting both ecological perception and ecological literacy.

A second paper to be presented at Design Research Society’s conference DRS 2014. Download the paper here.

One thought on “Ecological Perception: Seeing Systems – 2nd Paper for the DRS 2014

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