Design/Ecology/Politics: Towards the Ecocene


Today I signed a contract with Bloomsbury Academic Publishers for a book called Design/ Ecology/ Politics: Towards the Ecocene, due to be published 2017.

Design/Ecology/Politics describes a powerful role for design in creating sustainable futures – once informed by ecological literacy and critical perspectives. The book moves the debate in sustainable design beyond its narrow focus on the design of marginally more sustainable consumer products. Designers have expertise in influencing subjectivities. Ecological theory explores the philosophical problems at the root of the environmental crisis. Social theory describes the social and political function of design. This book examines the relationship between these three domains. While there are prominent movements in design working towards socially responsive practice, these efforts are hampered by the manner in which power relations are constructed, reproduced and obfuscated by design. Revealing these dynamics creates new possibilities for transformative practice – i.e. design which will create ways of living enabling human prosperity over time. It will be available in October 2017 for $19.99.

4 thoughts on “Design/Ecology/Politics: Towards the Ecocene

  1. This book sounds really exciting. I just finished Tinkerer’s Apprentice and this got my very inspired to explore the larger topic of emulating design concepts from biologies and ecologies. I look forward to reading this. :0)

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